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Our products

azbi Chair

Different sitting postures refer to different activity levels.

Whether agitated typing or relaxed thinking - leaning forward or back - in this furniture you can do both. Without losing focus.

Working is succeeded by relaxing is succeeded by working. We have the dynamic, integrated  solution for this constant change.


Varying your position has an impact on your backbone, namely a positive effect on the spinal disks. As a result you feel less tired and enjoy more painless hours. 

(see also - in German)

Candle Set

Ambiente is, when you feel cozy. Sometimes a tiny accessory with a certain attire may suffice to achieve this.

Wax droplets? Draught causing nervous flickering? Not with this nice assemblage. Simple, sleek, shiny.

We created this cutie for your carefree savoured hours.

It is available here.

iPhone stand

Yet an other one? Yes, but one we use ourselves - because the others on the market were too heavy, too technical, or simply not our taste.


This stand is lightweight, stable, and in the right angle for video chat. With enough space for the cable.

Elegant and useful, for your quick access.


Life is not easy when you don't fit into the normal standards. So you start looking for the place where you can blend in. 


For us it is a position where we can look for new solutions. Suddenly this lack of standard has its advantage: Our solutions are different because we harmonise technology with nature. 


Aesthetics is as important as the elegance of simplicity, without ever leaving the path that leads to solving the initial problem.

We hope, you will enjoy our products as much as we do. 


Not only are our solutions customisable, your feedback is always taken seriously!.