Conceptual solutions


There is not enough water?


There is not enough drinking water.


There is enough water on the planet - and enough energy to transform saltwater to rainwater.

This experiment was conducted at a normal Swiss summer day.


It consists of

  • a black vessel with water 
  • a transparent "dome"
  • a collecting plate
  • solar energy

Based on this experiment the following construction could be built.

This is a black basin with two silvery shining channels at each side. 

The sun heats the black basin, supported by the reflection from the channels.  The heated water vaporises and eventually drips down into the channels as if it was natural rain.

This water is gathered in a sweet water basin below. A channel leads the water to where it is needed. 

Some of the water can be allowed leak out and slowly raise the ground water level.

Things to consider:

  • For maintenance reasons consider to build a twin structure.
  • A filter at the sea shore prevents intrusion of fish or other undesired objects from entering the primary pipe and the basin.
  • Occasional maintenance is needed for removing excessive salt from the basin. Salt can be sold or brought back to the sea.
  • Additional mirrors can increase the efficiency of the plant. 
  • For cleaning, this might help.