Window frame

An Art Project

Starting from the left bottom corner (in the middle, if both windows work) up are 60 LEDs symbolising one hour. Every 15 minutes is a marker. The current minute blinks in the current cheerlight-color (see below). A sensor value is used to fill the current minute, e.g. high moisture is depicted in red, low moisture is shown in green.

Right above the current blinking minute is the value 59 minutes ago, below the blinking minute is the value one minute ago, etc.


Above the first 60 minute  section follows a 2nd, going around the corner, depicting an other sensor value.


Followed by this is the cheerlight stretch. The actual color blinks, and it wanders from left to right and then down. whenever the cheerlight changes, the next LED is being used (but not faster than once per minute). if the cheerlight stays the same, the LED goes on after some time, e.g. 15 minutes.


The last 48 pixels, i.e. 3 pixels from lower right corner, moving to left, are reserved for 2 x 24 pixels, representing the measured top values of the hourly sensor values. Example: if the moisture somewhere between 15h and 16h was top moisture, the 15th LED will be switched to red.

Cheerlight is a means to switch LEDs all over the planet to the same color. It’s being done via twitter. for more details visit 

If you want to switch the color of all cheerlight LEDs on the planet to - say - orange, send a tweet as follows:

#cheerlights orange

Not all colors are possible. Choose one among these:

red green blue cyan magenta yellow white orange pink purple oldlace

Festivity days will show intermittently the country flag of either Estonia orSswitzerland for one minute, then switch back to normal display.