Space requirements

When comparing the azbiChair with a normal office setup, desk with chair, the result might surprise you:


A normal office desk (80x160cm) with chair needs 133 x 160 cm2.  —  nearly 2.2 m2.

The azbi Chair compact is happy with 71 x 177 cm2, and the standard model requires 71 x 209 cm2 floor space  —  that's a mere 1.5 m2 for the bigger version.

The height is 175cm.


In imperial measures: 

For a normal desk (31.5x63") including chair you need a total of 63 x 52 inch.

The azbi Chair compact requires 27.8 x 69.5 inch and the azbi Chair standard needs 27.8 x 82.3 inch floor space.

The height is 69 inch.

All measures in this drawing are in millimeters.