How it came to be

Do you like to alter your position while working at the computer? 

Our designer remembers:  "Many years ago I discovered that I am not alone: There are actually only a few persons who just sit upright at their desk. This is especially true for heavy computer workers.


I  love to position my chair on the two front legs - or on the rear legs. To be on all four legs i found uncomfortable for most of the time.

I liked those modern desk chairs where you can lean back and forward, but in a way this wasn’t right, too. Especially annoying was the distance to the screen being variable: Either it was too far or too near. It was clear that the screen had to be somehow attached to the chair - but how? In my mind i started to experiment with several designs, but i always stranded with the mouse falling down."

Now these problems have been solved, and we are proud to present you our masterpiece.

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This is page 1 of the flyer i made for asking my friends and family for their ideas and impressions. 

Some of the input i got will be shared here. Maybe on this page, maybe i'll still shift things around a bit. We'll see.