The azbi Chair


           «Do you only work or do you also think?»

Andy Zbinden


Sometimes you really delve into it, sometimes you have to gather your thoughts. Typically you lean forward for one and lean back fo the other.


There are many articles and reports regarding concentration vs contemplation. As examples see this article in German, or this one in English.


Some office furniture supports that. But the screen is then either too close or too far. 







The solution is a screen that moves with you, big enough for all your needs. Keyboard and mouse stay where you want them, no matter how much you lean back.


The azbi Chair has become a product, a pleasing form, made by wood and even harmonic in a living area.


Be creative when you feel like it. And relax your backbone while working.


Is it big? Not so much. See here what are the spacial requirements.


Can it be customized? Yes, a lot. Don't be overwhelmed, we help you through the process. See what's available here.

Photo section

These are just a few possibilities.


At night, lit and dark



The azbiChair Flyer - V5.1.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 4.3 MB

3D Model

This is a 3D model to inspect the azbiChair from all sides.
(STL is not .exe but I don't know how to remove this false info)
azbi Chair in 3D (snail-version).stl
exe File 1.0 MB